País de Celes 2.0

"Cordura es al final de cuentas, nuestra capacidad para sobrellevar la locura del mundo y para ser razonablemente felices pese a todo"-Rosa Montero

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Yes to this, guys? Yes to this?
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Marc Silvestri - Witchblade and Wolverine 
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Witchblade, Angelus, The Darkness, Spear of Destiny, Blood Sword, Glacier Stone, Ember Stone, Pandora’s Box, The Rapture, The Wheel of Shadows, The Heart Stone, Coin of Solomon from Artifacts #1
art by Michael Broussard / Marc Silvestri / Rick Basaldua / Sal Regla / Sunny Gho
(C) Top Cow 
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Man, it is really hard to find some non-terrible art of Witchblade, but Stjepan Sejic delivers.
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Witchblade: Rebirth Vol. 4 (Tim Seeley, Diego Bernard)
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Witchblade #161
Written By Tim Seeley
Art By Diego Bernard, Fred Benes
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New EMG Artist Spotlight this week: Tyler Kirkham (@TylerKirkhamArt)! Cover art to Witchblade, no 98 (May 2006) for @TopCow
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Witchblade issue 144   -   JS Rossbach
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Francis Manapul - Magdalena and Witchblade